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The Ultimate List – All There’s to Know About Roller Shutters

Aus Window Roller Shutters

All There’s to Know About Roller Shutters

If there is one thing common between the commercial and residential property sectors of Australia, it would be the fact that both industries understand the importance of roller shutters.

What started off as a security measure over decades ago has today become a trendy yet useful addition in every house and/or business establishment. Given the increasing trend of roller shutters across Australia, it is essential to check the best security doors in Melbourne available with matte / glossy finishing, higher durability, low noise and most important security locks.

What is a Roller Shutter?

A roller shutter is mainly a type of window or door shutter that consists of several horizontal slats which are hinged together. Generally, they are raised in order to open them, and they are lowered when you are looking to close them.

They do not just provide a stylish way of covering windows but also an effective way of insulating your house. By mounting the foam-filled aluminium rolls on the outside of your window, you will not just get protection from the sun, but will also be able to keep your home cool. They also tend to be a very effective insulator for the windows during winters, by keeping the heat trapped inside your home – thus lowering or even eliminating the need to keep the heater in your house running.

Additionally, steel roller shutters also tend to offer security to your house by keeping it safe from any instances of attempted vandalism, burglary attempts, and unwanted intruders. Lastly, in addition to safeguarding you from man-made problems, roller shutters also tend to safeguard you from natural causes like excessive rain, wind, and fire.

Now that we have touched upon the definition of roller shutters, let us move on to the next part of our article: the kinds of roller shutters.

Types of Roller Shutters 

There are numerous types of roller shutters available in the market today. But when we talk about their classifications, it can be done on the following basis:

  1. On the basis of the place where they will be hanged

    There are two types of roller shutters that vary according to the location type – Indoor shutters and outdoor shutters. These can further be sub-categorized into door and window roller shutters – both on the exterior and interior grounds.

  2. On the basis of the material

    When you are out buying roller shutters in Australia, you will come across three options to select from – A. Metallic roller shutters B. Plastic Shutters and C. Timber Shutters.

  3. On the basis of how they are operated

    There are four ways you can operate the roller shutters. The ways, in turn, become the next type of roller shutter – Manual shutters, Electric shutters, and Battery operated roller shutters.

  4. On the basis of the purpose, you want them to solve

    The type of Melbourne roller shutters also varies greatly on the basis of the purpose you want them to like. For example, there are shutters that are used to protect against vandalism, while there are some which serve the purpose of insulation. There could also be ones mainly meant for decorative purposes.

How Much Does Roller Shutter Cost? 

Before we begin with the part, let us give you full disclosure. There is no way for us to quote a price without first getting a complete understanding of your needs. You will only be required to fill in the general inquiry form for us to get back to you. Meanwhile, you can also use the roller shutter, an online price calculator, to check the best prices available for the type of roller shutter you desire for. Also, the price mentioned in the online roller shutter price calculator is inclusive of the material, installation and electrical connections by a qualified electrician.

Now while the cost might vary from location to location, the answer to how much does roller shutters cost is based on these elements:

  1. The measurement unit – It is usually chosen between millimetre, centimetre, and meter.
  2. The product type – At AUS Window Roller Shutters, we offer a whole range of different shutter types, whose costs vary from one product to another.
  3. Width of the place you want to fix the roller shutter on
  4. Height of the place you wish to fix the roller shutter on
  5. The operation type varies from electric, manual and battery operated
  6. The floor on which you want the roller shutter to be fixed.

Once we have received a complete understanding of these elements along with the purpose that you wish our roller shutters to solve, we will give you a cost estimate.

Benefits of Choosing AUS Window Roller Shutters 

Apart from understanding AUS window roller shutters inside out, there are 4 reasons why we have been chosen by Melbournians as their go-to roller shutter product and service providers. Here are some of those reasons –

For Security Reasons 

One of the biggest advantages of Roller shutters is to make an easy to break and enter window or door unbreachable barriers.

For Insulation in Summer

Roller shutters, because of the way they are built, make it impossible for heat to enter a house. Because the house gets covered, the temperature inside is much lower comparatively.

For Insulation in Winter

The shutters prevent cold air and temperature from coming inside the house. Thus, trapping the heat inside and making the whole ambiance comfortable and cozy.

For Noise Cancellation

Although well-installed roller shutters make it impossible for light to enter the house, there is hardly any shutter in the market which prevents noise to enter the room. But, it does save around 80% of noise from entering the house or the office space. But if there’s so much noise, then you should know how to fix the roller shutter.

FAQs About Roller Shutters 

  1. Do roller shutters block out noise? Roller shutters help in reducing the outside noise entering your house or room by up to 80% of the noise. This can help you from any noise made from construction nearby, dog barking, loud music, transport noise etc.
  2. Do roller shutters block out light? Yes. Roller shutters can block out 100% light from entering the room. This is one of the main reasons why people see them as a great option as insulators.
  3. What are window roller shutters and how much do exterior window shutters cost? Window roller shutters are ones that are only hung on the windows of a room to protect sunlight from coming in or from a decor perspective. The cost of exterior window shutters varies according to a number of factors. Get in touch with our team of shutters experts to get an estimate of the project.

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