Roller Shutter FAQs.

No matter the type of house you have or where you are located, you will need roller shutters for one reason or another. Some of the common reasons why you may need roller shutters include: Enhancing security, improving insulation at the windows/doors, soundproofing your windows/doors, protecting your house against bad weather like heavy storms that could break the windows panes, etc.

When you install metallic roller shutters (mainly steel), you should be guaranteed to get the best security compared to other window and door options available in the market. It requires a lot of time and effort for potential intruders to break into your building if you have them installed on top of your windows and doors.

Can I install a security door if I have a normal door already installed?

Yes, it is possible to have both doors installed as long as it is done appropriately. The security door is usually installed on the outer side of the house since its primary role is security. You will however need an expert to inspect your building and then come up with the best possible way of installing the security doors without significantly changing the outer look of your house.

The material you choose for your roller shutter should primarily depend on your purpose for installing the rollers shutters. But for most people, the reason is to enhance the security of their buildings, and for such a role, metal are the most reliable. Steel is the commonest used material when it comes to roller shutters made with security as the core role. Aluminum is the second-best.

Just like any other equipment or tool, roller shutters do wear out with time. To improve the durability of your shutters, you need to always clean and maintain them as recommended by the experts. Some planned maintenance tasks include regular lubrication and cleaning. Also, when any of your shutters get a problem, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible.

The time between which you clean should depend on the area you are and how frequently you open and close the shutters. With all factors constant, you should clean your roller shutters at least once a week. Regarding lubrication, the frequency is usually recommended by the manufacturer of the roller shutters. If you buy roller shutters from us, we shall create for you a maintenance schedule that you need to follow to ensure your roller shutter lasts as long as possible.

Most of the reliable roller shutters are made from materials that are not transparent, which means they won’t let any light go through them. So, this means whenever you close them, you won’t be able to get natural light into your house. If you need natural light, you can always have them open during the day and only close them at night.

On the wall installation is when the box guide and curtain of the roller shutters are installed on the outer side of the house, which means you can’t see the box guide from the inside. On the other hand, in reveal install is when the box guide and the curtain are installed within the opening of the window/door, and you can see them from the inside.

The first step to choosing the roller shutters is, first of all, knowing why you need them and then deciding the material and design based on those reasons. If you stay in a cold region, you will need to get roller shutters that are well insulated. For people staying in noisy places, they will need soundproof roller shutters.

To avoid messing up, you may need to explain to a technical person the reasons you need the roller shutters and allow them to recommend the best roller shutter features that meet your goals. Another crucial factor to consider is price. However, it is not a good move to compromise quality in the name of saving some dollars. Feel free to try our design tool to see how they can look on your house.

Wooden roller shutters can last long but only in places that don’t experience a lot of rain. However, in rain areas, wooden roller shutters are the worst choice because they will start showing signs of damage within a couple of months. Wooden roller shutters are normally preferred in cases where one is focusing more on getting an artistic design without having worries of durability and security.

Whenever you are opening or closing your roller shutters, they will often make some minor sounds, which is normal. However, if your shutters start producing a sound that is abnormal and uncomfortable, you need to be concerned.

The common cause of abnormal sound is usually friction between the moving parts. This friction is often due to lack of lubrication, a lot of dirt, misalignment of the moving parts, a faulty motor in the case of electric shutters, etc. I recommend you invite your technician to help you troubleshoot and solve the problem early enough before it becomes catastrophic.

The answer to this question depends on your budget and lifestyle needs. Manual roller shutters are often cheap to buy and maintain, but they are a little inconvenient to open and close. For instance, your little boy/girl of 5 years may not be able to open a manual roller shutter. However, electric roller shutters are more expensive, but they are more luxurious and convenient when it comes to operation. So, if price is not your problem, you should choose electric shutters.

One of the major causes for roller shutters getting stuck are obstacles within the curtain guides. So, first of all, make sure the curtain guides are clean and do not have any external objects that are affecting the movement of the curtains. You also need to make sure all the moving parts are properly aligned.

If it is an electric roller shutter, on top of checking them for obstacles and alignment, you also need to confirm that the switch and the motors are working properly. You may also opt to bring a technician on board to help you fix the issue more so if you are not a handy person.

Yes, it is possible to install roller shutters in an already completed house. All you need is to get an expert to help you come up with the best possible way of installing the shutters so that they can meet your objective of installing them.

Roller shutters that are well insulated will reduce the rate at which heat moves between your windows and doors. With minimal heat escaping to the outside, lesser energy will be required to keep your house warm during winter. Even during the hot days, you will save power used to cool your house when there is minimal heat coming from the outside into the house.

However, this benefit is only enjoyed by those with roller shutters that were designed with insulation in mind. Roller shutters that are not properly insulated will not have any impact on your energy bills.

These are metal bars put together to create some form of door or windows usually installed together with the glass windows/doors to enhance security. They are normally preferred over roller shutters in situations where one needs to have more lighting in the house. The materials usually used to make security grilles are stainless steel, Galvanized iron, and aluminum.

Roller shutters are normally made out of sheet metal that is designed to create some form of curtain that can is collapsible during closing and opening. On the other security, grilles are made out of metal bars, and it is in rare cases that they are made collapsible. Roller shutters are also usually installed on the outside of the door or window whereas security grilles are installed on the inside.

The choice between the two largely depends on your priorities. Both the grilles and roller shutters offer a good level of security if you get those made out of steel, aluminum, or galvanized iron. However, grilles are better in situations where you need light to get into the house and at the same time keeping it secure. Security grilles are also cheaper than roller shutters.

Roller shutters are a better choice for total security, insulation, sound proofing, and protecting your house against bad weather. You can consult us for guidance to make sure you make the appropriate choice for your house.

The primary role of installing security grilles is to enhance security, and that is better achieved by installing them internally than externally. When security grilles are installed externally, they are more vulnerable to attack since they are more exposed. Installing them from the inside makes it harder for anyone trying to break into the house since they have to break the glasses first and then the security grilles.

These are screens made out of a wire mesh, and they are usually put over the window to stop the entry of insects into the house. They are normally used in areas with lots of insects around them.

Flyscreens do reduce the amount of light getting into the house. However, their impact is negligible, and from the inside, you may not notice a difference in lighting when you have them installed, and when you don’t.

Yes, most of the fly screens can stop mosquitoes from getting into the house. The most appropriate size for fly screens is the Standard 18 x16 grade mesh – which keeps out almost every insect from getting into the house.

These are a collapsible form of curtain that is made out of soft materials like cotton, or fiber. They are usually installed to protect a certain enclosure from harsh outdoor elements and conditions like sunlight, insects, rain, etc.

Outdoor blinds are strong enough to fulfill their intended role. However, they cannot protect you from attacks like robbery or a heavy storm. If security and high-level protection is what you are looking for, then you should go for roller shutters.

The durability of outdoor blinds depends on the material you choose and how well you take care of them. The most durable ones are those made out of 100% cotton cloth or PVC.