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How Roller Shutters Can Help You Save on Energy Bills

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How Roller Shutters can help you save on your energy bills

The primary role or windows roller shutters is to provide extra security to the building where they are installed. However, automatic roller shutters also have other key roles besides security. Some of these roles include; giving a building better shape, sound proofing, adding an extra layer of insulation, and many more. Our focus in today’s article will be on insulation and how it helps in saving energy bills. 

So how does Roller Shutter Can Save Energy Bills

If you leave in an extremely cold or hot areas, you very well know one of the major contributors to the energy bills is air conditioning and heating of the house. Studies show that the average cost of energy cost that goes to heating is about $2000 for most households located in cold regions that experience winter. One of the major factors that affect this cost is the level of insulation of the building. 

With proper insulation the cost of heating and cooling a house can be reduce by up to $500. This is 25% of the average cost. To get this reduction in the energy costs, you need to have properly insulated windows and doors since they are the main outlets and inlets of heat. One of the most reliable ways of insulating windows and doors is by installing roller shutters that are designed to fulfill this purpose.

While buying roller shutters, it is important that you make it clear to the seller about your intention of improving insulation. This is because some shutters are not designed to fulfill this role. Shutters that are designed to improve insulation are designed a little differently from the ordinary shutters that are not meant for this role. 

How are roller shutters meant for insulation designed?

During winter season, the temperatures out side the house are extremely as compared to the temperature inside your house. With this huge temperature difference, windows and doors can act as major inlets of this coldness into the house since they are normally made of metal which is good heat conductor. Walls are made of brick and mortar that are bad transmitters of heat

The same scenario happens on extremely hot days when the temperatures outside the house are way above those inside the house. This in the end increases the energy required to keep the house at warm during cold weather and keeping it cool during hot weather. 

To reduce this cost engineers had to think of a way they can eliminate the high heat exchange at the windows and doors of the house. The best way to achieve this, the best option was to add an insulation film in the inside sections of the shutters. This insulation film reduces the heat exchange between the interior and exterior of the shutters. 

For the roller shutters, this insulation film is injecting on each section of the curtains, guides and other parts that are in contact with the outside environment. The sections are injected with this film before they are assembled together to make sure the process is effective with no loophole could enable heat exchange. The material normally used for insulating these shutters is called polyurethane

What you should look at while buying 

If you are buying shutters that are primarily meat for insulation, you need to be very keen because some seller may not be honest enough to tell you the truth. Before you pay your cash, you need to make sure the shutters meet the requirements by look at these aspects below;

  • The polyurethane is grey in color. When you look at the internal section of the curtains, they must be having a grey colored film. There are other materials used to make this insulation film, but polyurethane is the most common one. If the film is of a different color, don’t hesitate to ask the seller what its name is and then try google searching its color and thermal properties
  • The polyurethane film has a rubber like feel when you touch it: Polyurethane falls under the family of plastics, or more specifically, elastomeric polymers, that includes rubber in them. That is why they have that rubber feel when you touch it. While surveying the shutters you are about to buy, try touch the film to confirm that it has rubber feel. 
  • Make sure all sections have the films: There are some cases that where only a few shutters are insulated and the other are not. So, you also need to confirm that all shutters are insulated to avoid creating loopholes for heat to escape. 

Final thoughts on Roller Shutter Can Save Energy Bills

Insulation is one of the uncommon roles of window roller shutters that many people forget to look at. However, like we have seen above having insulated shutters will save you lots of money that would go into heating and cooling especially if you stay in an area that has extreme temperature conditions (hot or cold)

So, while buying shutters don’t always remember to take a look at the insulation properties of the roller shutters you are about to buy. You may have to pay more money for shutters with insulation capabilities. But if you look at it in the long run, extra cost is negligible compared to the energy costs you would have incurred if the shutters had poor insulation properties. 

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