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Why You Need Window Roller Shutters for your House

Install window roller shutters means incurring more costs that you could somehow avoid if you choose not to install them. However, you may end up paying a bigger cost in the long run in case things go south. If you move around areas with commercial and residential properties right now, you will realize that a good number of them have install window roller shutters. There is a reason for this!

In this article I am going to share with you 6 reasons why should consider adding roller shutters on your next building project budget. Or even installing them on the already completed houses if they don’t have them. 

  1. Roller shutters give you extra protection and security 

Most of the windows used in both commercial and residential houses are stylish and mainly made of glass. If a robber was to get into a house that has glass windows, it would only take him a few minutes if not seconds to be right inside your house. To guard yourself against such, it is important to install roller shutters that will make it harder for anyone to break into your property. 

However, to get this benefit, you need to get roller shutters that are strong enough. The strongest materials I would recommend are aluminum and steel. Wood can work too but it won’t give you the protection level you would get from steel or aluminum roller shutters. 

  1. Roller shutter can help you reduce heating and cooling energy costs 

During winter, it is always necessary to heat up your house in order to maintain it at bearable temperatures. However, the energy required to heat up the house when there is limited insulation at the doors and windows is quite higher. If the windows and doors are properly insulated, the energy required to heat and cool the house is slightly lower. 

Most of the roller shutters are designed to offer extra insulation at the windows which reduces heat exchange between the outside and the inside of your house. With limited heat exchange at the windows and doors, your Ac and heater will do less work in heating and cooling the house which in the end reduces your energy bills at the end of the month. If you live in areas that need frequent cooling and heating, consider to install window roller shutters to reduce energy costs. 

  1. They reduce noise getting into the house especially at night

If you live in a noisy area for example people who live within cities and industrial parks, you know how hard it is to sleep at night amidst the noise that comes from outside. We all know the major entry point of this noise are the doors and the windows. To solve this noise problem, you may have to add an extra layer of sound proofing at your windows mainly. This job can be well done by window roller shutters that are designed with sound proofing capacity. 

It has been proven that properly installed roller shutters can reduce the amount of noise entering a house by over 80%. If you really want to reduce the noise level in your house, then you need to think of installing roller shutters to get the job done. 

  1. Protect your house against extreme weather conditions

People who stay in places that get heavy rains with hailstones know how unsafe it is to have your glass windows exposed to such rains. In such a scenario, installing metallic window roller shutters wound be the best solution if you want to be sure that your house is safe. Otherwise you may wake up someday only to find the whole house flooded with rain water if your glass windows are exposed to hail stones that could potentially break them. 

  1. Roller shutters can reduce your insurance costs 

The amount of money one has to pay for insuring their property is always based on the risk of damage of that property and its level of insecurity. A house that has well installed window roller shutters is obviously more secure and also has less risks to damages as compared to one who’s glass windows are exposed. Someone with a house whose windows are fully protected with roller shutters will likely be charged less monthly insurance fees than one with a house that doesn’t have that kind of protection. 

  1. Well-designed window roller shutters will make your house more appealing

One of the things you need to consider while choosing roller shutters is how well they blend with your overall house design. Window roller shutters that are well designed will make your house even more appealing than one that doesn’t have such shutters. This is one of the aspects that wooden roller shutters beat those made out of steel and Aluminum. 

If you really don’t have a lot of security and weather concerns, go for roller shutters that are made out of wood. These will give your house an artistic look. There are some companies that have been able to pull off some captivating designs with steel and aluminum materials. However, the only problem is that metallic shutters with good designs are always way more expensive than wooden ones. 


It is no doubt that almost every property owner would love to have roller window shutters on both their home and commercial properties. At least there’s one reason among the six that I have shared that should really encourage you to have roller shutters installed at your property. To enjoy the above benefits, you will have to get window roller shutters that suit your needs. For instance, if your priority is security, it will make no sense if you get roller shutters made out of wood. 

You also have to handle and take good care of these shutters to ensure they work effectively and also last longer. This is the only way you will enjoy the full benefits of having window roller shutters installed on your house. Otherwise, they may turn out to be another liability when they start failing every now and then due improper handling and maintenance. 

If you choose to install automated/electrical shutters, the need for maintenance is even more since they have more delicate parts than the manual ones.

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