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Fly Screens

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Fly Screens

Now, you have the liberty to open your doors and windows to allow the fresh breeze and soothing sunshine in, while keeping insects, flies and mosquitoes out. AWRS Fly Screens are easy to install, provide smooth operation and offers complete health protection against airborne pests and insects. With AWRS Fly Screen, you can have the best of everything fresh air, great appearance and functional protection.

The screens are effective and contemporary that gives an aesthetic look and can be operated with minimum maintenance. The complete knowledge of the creation is based on custom quality that is retractable, sliding as well as automated doors and windows.


  • AWRS fly screen retracts discreetly into its cassette when not in use
  • Easy access to open and close windows
  • Improves indoor air quality by circulating fresh air into the house
  • Anti-wind brush strips hold the mesh firmly in the side tracks even in windy conditions, making it a robust screen.

Blinds by AWRS has always been known for innovation, quality and service and our interior blinds range is second to none. We have been manufacturing over 15 years and pride ourselves on offering Architects, designers, decorators and retailers Australia’s most comprehensive quality range of custom made blinds. The blind glides smoothly and can be left at any height. AWRS has an extensive selection of fabrics for roller blinds.

The fabrics choices are endless, ranging from gorgeous sheers that allow natural light through windows, screens that control glare and heat but reserve the view and block out for optimum room darkening.

Keep Unwanted Pests Away

From uwanted flies that wants to ruin your "in-door camping" to pesky mosquitoes that can carry potential disease, a properly-made fly screen is a sure way of stopping them on their tracks.

Wide Range of Products

We manufacture our fly screens directly and you can choose from a wide array of designs, colors, and specifications.

Unmatched Visibility

Want to see your children play or see you yard without being annoyed by unwanted pests? Grab one of our fly screens now or let us help you design your own!

The blind glides smoothly and can be left at any height


Most outdoor blinds have gaps which let in dust, wind, rain and insects. AWRS provides a sealed barrier, keeping out heat during summer, but locking in the warmth during winter. Track Guided Blind Systems are the ultimate in outdoor blinds, they are designed for easy use for all ages with a spring loaded awning style action that assists in the easy rolling up and down of the blind. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas, where partial opening is often desired or simply to take advantage of the easy opening and closing system. The Track Guided Blind Systems uses a reinforced spline tape each side of the roller which then retracts inside the patented tracking system. Add to this a locking mechanism that holds the blind closed and you have the ultimate in weather block out.


The AWRS blinds are even easier to use with the unique Centre-Lock-Release. The blinds lock at their lowest position providing a secure hold in the high winds. When you are ready to open again, simply lift the handle to activate release latches on both sides of the bottom bar. Yet another remarkable and intuitive solution that makes outdoor entertaining a pleasure. AWRS blinds instantly create a brand new space in your home, ready to entertain family and friends at a moment’s notice. Protected by the elements all year round and with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary, you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors.


Spring – Balanced is available, allowing you to manually raise and lower blinds by pulling gently until your desired position is reached.

The unique spring-balanced system provides lightweight hand operation.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • No crank, chains, zips or cords.
  • Leave at any height.

Expand your space


Protective Pelmet is a perfect, affordable, appealing decor finish to roller, verticals and panel drapes. Protective Pelmets can be manufactured from a large selection of fabrics to give you an endless array of decorating possibilities. They hide the roller and its mechanisms and give you to ultimate finish to a roller blind.

A pelmet ensures the blind looks great and operates flawlessly for years.

  • Available in steel or rust-free aluminium.
  • Hides and protects blind.
  • Blocks weather.
  • Stylish design.


Solar Smart allows you to operate your motorised AWRS blinds without the need for an electrician to hard-wire into your building power. You’ll have your blinds motorised sooner, and at a lower cost. Solar Smart blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting the panels’ position to the optimal angles for generating solar electricity to power devices in your home, apartment or office.


Motorisation is very in vogue for contemporary living and allows endless options, such as sun/wind sensors, timers or can even be linked to your home automation system. Optional motorisation is a popular choice for many household and commercial applications. The motor is hidden within the pelmet, and the blind can be left at any height. Motorisation is perfect for:

  • Large blinds.
  • One touch convenience.
  • Blinds mounted in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Lowering multiple blinds with one button.
  • People with limited mobility.
  • Only available with Sunscreen Mesh.