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Clear View Roller Shutter

For all areas where security and high levels of visibility combined with an attractive appearance are required. This “Clear View” roller shutter door with it’s pilfered proof screen allows maximum vision and light without allowing dust, vermin or undesirables through. ClearView is a strong roller shutter system constructed of an extruded aluminum and transparent, UV resistant polycarbonate profile, which provides added security and permanent views of the outdoors.

ClearView roller shutters are constructed from quality aluminum or a polycarbonate composite material. Suitable for a wide range of domestic applications, ClearView is ideal for outdoor patio, verandah and pergola areas, providing permanent outside views in a modern and sleek design. We are the supplier and installer of the ClearView roller shutters in Australia. The beauty of these shutters is that they are slimline yet highly protective and suitable for homes and businesses alike. ClearView provides an affordable way of creating that extra room while protecting you and your family from the elements in both Winter and Summer. ClearView is also suitable for various commercial and industrial, shop front, shopping center
grille, cafe, restaurant, countertop and internal separation barrier/doorway applications, or where both security and visibility are required.

The Clearview roller shutters are the right choice if you want added protection and security without obstructing views. They are completely clear and can also be opened and closed. The ClearView roller shutter system also allows you to return your space to a fully open area with easy to remove central support guides where required. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 with ClearView!

Features & Benefits

  • Both residential & commercial applications.
  • Turns patios & verandahs into extra rooms.
  • Shopping centre grilles & cafe applications.
  • High quality aluminium & UV resistant polycarbonate profile.
  • Commercial grade fully extruded profile.
  • Wide shutter widths up to 4400mm.
  • Fully retractable into an enclosed pelmet.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Manual or motorised operation.
  • Remote control options.
  • Removable central support guides where required.
  • Made in Australia.
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.
Clear View Panel - Roller Shutter - Aus Window Roller Shutters

Technical Specifications

Maximum Shutter Width: Up To 4400mm
Maximum Shutter Height: Up To 3000mm
Maximum Surface Area: 10m2
Curtain Weight/Metre2: 6kg
Number Of Slats/Metre: 28 (combined aluminium & polycarbonate slats)
Aluminium Profile Slat Covering: 34mm
Polycarbonate Profile Slat Covering: 38mm
Aluminium Profile Slat Thickness: 9.3mm
Polycarbonate Profile Slat Thickness: 4mm
Axle Types: Octagonal Aluminium or Steel
Bottom Bar Dimensions: 60mm x 9mm
Guide Dimensions: 68mm x 25mm/14mm (Heavy Duty
Paint Finish: High Quality Powder Coat

Colour Options