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Residential Curved Series Roller Shutter

The Aus Window Roller Shutters Residential Curved Series has been designed incorporating strong, cost-effective and versatile features primarily for domestic use targeting the Australian market. The Residential Curved Series slat is a double walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This process provides economical strength and insulation qualities while maintaining the exceptional working performance of the slat.

The Aus Window Roller Shutter Curved Series is the ideal way to secure and insulate your home from the weather. These Roller Shutters need very less headroom above the structural opening. They combine strength with elegance along with toughness and are designed for both external and internal applications.

The Aus Window Roller Shutters Residential Curved series is available in three different styles, the 400 with profile lines on the convex side and a smooth finish on the concave, the 401 with a smooth finish on both sides and the 402 with profile lines on both sides.

Features & Benefits

  • Insulation
  • Added security
  • Wide range of colours
  • Minimum roll up size
  • Style choices
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Protection from the elements
  • Light control
  • Sound dampening
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Technical Specifications

Weight (per m2)- 4kg
Maximum Curtain Width- 3.6m
Maximum Area (m2)- 7.7
Gauge of Aluminium- 0.32mm
Profile Slat Height- 40mm
Profile Slat Thickness- 9mm
Standard Guide Dimensions- 53mm
Standard Bottom Bar Dimensions- 50mm
Standard Axle- 50mm circular


Colour Options