Security Doors

Security Doors

The strength and durability of security doors offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and home are secure. Using high tensile 316 marines grade stainless steel, woven into a fine mesh, it offers the comfort of fresh air flowing through out your home, and allowing you to enjoy the clear and unobstructed views of the outdoors all while providing an extra safety barrier.

Security Doors are assembled using a unique patented pressure process, eliminating the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap-ins to retain the mesh panel. This system also ensures no dissimilar metal surfaces come into contact with each other, avoiding the possibility of corrosion.

They only have one job to do, that is to protect you and your family!

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Design Your Own Security Door!

We have the widest range of the products we deal in under one roof. From differet designs to different colors, we've got it all for you.

Premium Quality

Security doors or grilles with Stainless Steel screens in either woven or perforated finish. Security doors with aluminium decorative grilles. Security doors or grilles with a simple Privacy Aluminium screen.

Tons of Colors Available

White (read more), White Birch, Magnolia, Primrose, Mist Green (Pale Eucalyptus), Pottery, Doeskin, Anodised Silver, APO Grey, Notre Dame, Woodland Grey, Hawthorn Green, Federation Red, Bronze, Brown, Black, Paperbark, Wilderness, Deep Ocean Blue, Dune, Jasper.


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