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Aluminum Security Doors

Diamond Grille Security Door is a popular and economical solution to provide a physical barrier designed to discourage intruders from your home. Diamond grille doors can be fitted with single locks or for a higher level of security a three-point lock can be fitted. We can provide you with the choice of grille fixings, tailored to your requirements and budget. Diamond Grille Doors have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. The distinctive Diamond Grille pattern provides a visual deterrent to thieves. Virtually maintenance free, diamond grilles and frames are available in a range of modern colors.

Casting Grille Doors are a decorative door that commonly used for the front entrance. Rust free, all door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminum, which is also known for its durability and strength. The frames are constructed from heavy duty extruded aluminum. Casting security door grilles provide an alternative to the more traditional diamond grille patterned door. The decorative cast panels can be used with either fiberglass (Flywire) mesh or one-way aluminum mesh. We build custom build cast grille security doors on client demands and measurement. Aus Windows Roller Shutters are one of the best producers and installers of cast griller security doors in Australia.

The Aus Window Roller Shutter Curved Series is the ideal way to secure and insulate your home from the weather. These Roller Shutters need very less headroom above the structural opening. They combine strength with elegance along with toughness and are designed for both external and internal applications.

The Aus Window Roller Shutters Residential Curved series is available in three different styles, the 400 with profile lines on the convex side and a smooth finish on the concave, the 401 with a smooth finish on both sides and the 402 with profile lines on both sides.

Features & Benefits

  • Security grilles are made from special tempered aluminium for greater strength and increased peace of mind.
  • Combined with quality framing and hardware.
  • Grilles offer good looking.
  • Low maintenance protection for your home.
  • Various decorative grille designs available.
  • Ideal for front entry doors.
  • Available in hinged and sliding.
  • Security grilles for custom- made sliding security doors provide optimum protection and smooth operation.
  • Adjustment screws face inside the door out of an intruder’s reach.
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Choose from our wide variety of fly screens and sliding security doors

Half door panels add to protection from the weather, pets and intruders. These doors are available in a range of pre-finished colours and fitted with flyscreens. Fixed window grilles, custom-made to suit. Also available in a variety of patterns and colours.  One Way Mesh flyscreen provides added security by limiting visibility from the outside whilst maintaining the view from the inside. At AWRS, we also conduct full sliding door repairs to see your door last for the longest time – ask us how to get your door repaired.

If you’d like to find out more about our sliding security doors — please contact our team by calling 1800 748 887 .