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The strength and durability of SupaScreen® security doors and window screens offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and home are secure. Using high tensile 316 marines grade stainless steel, woven into a fine mesh, SupaScreen is a modern innovation in security technology. SupaScreen® offers the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home allowing you to enjoy the clear and unobstructed views of the outdoors.

We offer a 16 – year warranty on SupaScreen® Security Doors and Window Screens. SupaScreen® Security Screen Doors and Window Screens are assembled using a unique patented pressure process, eliminating the need for screws, rivets, pins or snap-ins to retain the mesh panel. This system also ensures no dissimilar metal surfaces come into contact with each other, avoiding the possibility of corrosion.

The Aus Window Roller Shutter Curved Series is the ideal way to secure and insulate your home from the weather. These Roller Shutters need very less headroom above the structural opening. They combine strength with elegance along with toughness and are designed for both external and internal applications.

The Aus Window Roller Shutters Residential Curved series is available in three different styles, the 400 with profile lines on the convex side and a smooth finish on the concave, the 401 with a smooth finish on both sides and the 402 with profile lines on both sides.

Features & Benefits

  • We’re so sure of the quality of SupaScreen® Security Doors and Window Screens that we cover them with a 16 year warranty.
  • Highest level of mesh clarity
  • Tested to Australian Standard AS5039-2008 for maximum impact and shear resistance
  • Enjoy clear unobstructed 156 degree angle of view
  • High tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel % Unique patented pressure process
  • WERS rated for UV resistance and energy efficiency
  • Superior protection against flying and crawling insects and pests
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in a range of frame colours
  • Includes standard hardware
  • 3 point locking mechanism
  • BAL40 Bush Fire Rating
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