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Roller Shutters Can Improve Security

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Roller Shutters Can Improve Security

The increase in crime rates have alarmed the public to worry more about the security of their homes. The windows and the doors are the most vulnerable points of any type of home security. Homeowners worry about home invasions among other issues,  specially since current circumstances have changed the economic landscape and in turn theft has seen an increase. A homeowner or renter will want to do everything to protect their family and their possessions. A good strategy is to find a way to secure the weak points.

Roller Shutters have long been used to protect the windows of a home. They can also control the light that comes in and out of the house. They can help wind and control drafts. The invention of this particular piece of hardware has a somewhat sad history. First used in Europe during WW1 by home and shop owners to protect their properties from debris, they later found more fame during the great depression to stop thefts in shops. Back then the humble roller shutter was manually lifted and lowered unlike today how they either work with a crank system or a motorized one.

Today people will break windows to get inside a home if they feel the home has valuables. They may even kick the door open. Although no solution will prevent these problems entirely, still roller shutters can act as an effective deterrent by providing a strong and challenging extra “wall” for the intruder to overcome. Unlike the standard unit, the original roller shutter models are made out of metal. The metal chosen is often a durable, thick material that will withstand the force of a crowbar or a baseball bat. The machine that raises and lowers the shutter uses more force than most humans can generate on their own. A thief cannot just lift off or tear down the roller shutter as long as the unit is properly secured.

When a roller shutter is used with other security measures such as strong locks and an alarm system, it makes it less likely that a home or a building will be targeted by thieves. If the installation is done right, by experts and people who care about your safety – aka our Aus Window Roller Shutters team, roller shutters can also be more attractive than the old wooden shutter style and definitely more deterring than no window coverings at all.

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