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Common Roller Shutter Problems & Solutions

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Common Roller Shutter Problems & Solutions

Aus Window Roller Shutters, Melbourne Roller Shutters are designed and manufactured to be robust and strong since their primary role is providing security to the property where they are installed. However, nothing is perfect, and in some cases, your steel roller shutter may run into problems that could lead to partial or total failure. If such issues arise, it is always important to rectify them as soon as possible to prevent the shutter from getting totally damaged.

Most of the problems your roller shutter is likely to run into are simple and can be fixed using procedures that don’t require technical expertise. Some rare cases may however need the attention of a professional technician to help you fix them. In this article, we are going to share with you the common problems that rollers shutters normally run into and the possible solutions for fixing them.

The roller shutter makes noise

Modern roller shutters in Melbourne are designed to be smoothly opened and closed without making any noise. In case you realize your shutter produces unnecessary noise while being opened or closed, then there is a problem that needs to be fixed urgently. The most common cause of the noise is the existence of some external objects that get in contact with the moving parts of the shutter hence producing noise.

The other most likely cause of the noise is unlubricated bearings. When bearings are not lubricated, they experience lots of friction within themselves that leads to unnecessary noise during the opening and closing of the shutter. If this is the cause, then lubricate the bearings with silicon spray as soon as possible to avoid possible failure of the bearings that are more costly to replace. You should always avoid lubricating the bearings with sticky lubricants. Such lubricants can also be another cause of the shutter getting stuck. Using silicon spray is always the best option because it is slippery enough to eliminate any possible friction between the bearings.

Overheating of the roller shutter motor

If you wake up one morning, and just out of the blue your roller shutter is not able to open, be calm because it is normally not a fatal problem. There are a couple of reasons that cause this. If the shutter is powered by electricity, there are chances that it is not receiving power to run the motors. So, the first thing you need to check is whether the shutter is getting power. If the shutter is getting power, the problem could be caused by an external object that might have got into the rollers hence affecting them from freely moving. Check for any external objects, especially in the roller shutter track and remove them if found.

This issue can also be caused by the failure of the bearings of the rollers. This is a rare case but it can happen more so if the bearings are not lubricated in time. If you are sure your shutter has power and no external objects are obstructing its movement, then the problem could be with the bearings that may either need maintenance or replacement

The roller shutter doesn’t fully open or close

In some situations, you may try to open the door roller shutter and it simply opens halfway. This problem is normally caused by a couple of issues.

  • The most obvious one is external materials and dirt being in contact with the moving parts of the shutter. Before doing any troubleshooting, make sure the moving parts of the shutter are all clean and with no external objects interfering with their movement.
  • The other reason could be faulty or dirty proximity sensors. The role of proximity sensors is to detect the movement of the shutter and then stop the motor as soon as the shutter fully opens or closes. When these sensors are faulty or being blocked by dirt, they will likely stop the motor when the shutter is not fully open or closed. To fix the issue, you have to first clean them and then try opening or closing the shutter again. If the problem persists then the sensors are most likely faulty and will need the attention of a professional technician to fix the issue.


As we have seen above, roller shutters can run into problems at some point even though they rarely do so. When your roller shutters run into any issues, don’t panic. Simply try your best to establish where the problem is coming from and then find a solution to the problem. Most problems do not need a lot of technical knowledge to troubleshoot and fix them.

But if you are not so sure of where the problem is coming from, I would recommend you engage a technician to help you troubleshoot and also fix the problem. It is better to incur a small cost of paying a professional than trying to fix a problem you don’t really understand.


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