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Smart Home Systems and How to Integrate Roller Shutters

Aus Window Roller Shutters

Smart Home Systems and How to Integrate Roller Shutters

Smart homes now make using your home accessories and appliances much easier and smarter than never before. Today it is possible to turn on your fridge and AC when you are on your way heading back home and switch them off at any time you wish. This is something that was unthought of a couple of years back. But how about adding your roller shutters into the mix.

Today we have automatic roller shutters that open and close with just a click of a button. With smart homes becoming quite common, it is now possible to integrate roller shutters and control them with the rest of your home appliances using mobile applications. Let me take you through the different ways that roller shutters can be integrated into our smart homes and the possibilities it creates for homeowners.

Integrating roller shutters into your smart home system

To integrate roller shutters into your smart home, they have to be designed and installed to do so. While designing, mechanical roller shutters should be made with capabilities that allow them to be controlled via mobile apps using an internet connection, Bluetooth, or WiFi. This means not all automatic roller shutters are capable of being integrated with smart homes – integration is made possible at the design and installation level.

During installation, the technicians responsible have to do the necessary networking and installation of all the sensors to make sure the window roller shutters communicate with each other and the rest of the appliances in the smart home.

The final thing is adding your shutters to your smart home app on your smartphone or PC. This can be done by scanning a QR code on the shutters or searching for them via Bluetooth or any other wireless connection technology. After adding them to the smart home system mobile app, it creates lots of possibilities regarding how you can control these shutters.

Possibilities created when roller shutters are integrated into your smart home system

  • You can open and close them at your convenience.

After integrating your shutters into the smart home system, you can open and close them even when you are away from home. This can be a handy capability especially if you want your shutters to allow in some fresh air into the house when you are about to get back home. You may also want to close them if at all you unknowingly left them open while leaving home

  • You can save on energy costs.

When roller shutters are integrated with your smart home system, you can choose when to open and close them based on the environmental temperature and weather. For instance, you may decide to close the shutters every time the temperature goes below 20oC and open them when it’s above 20oC. This capability will, in the end, help you reduce the costs of cooling and heating during summer and winter respectively.

  • Regulate the amount of noise getting to the house.

You can also configure your window roller shutters to close or open based on the noise level in the neighborhood. With this capability, the shutters will close when the noise levels go up and open when the noise reduces. This will help you seamlessly control the noise levels in your house that will enable you to focus on whatever you are trying to do.

  • You can open and close your shutters at specific times.

With the shutters integrated into the smart home system, you can configure them to open, say at 7 am and close at 6:30 pm. It all depends on the weather season and how you find it convenient.

  • Operate them based on what other appliances are doing.

You can configure your roller shutters to close or open based on which appliance is on. For instance, whenever you turn on the heater or air conditioner, it would be more efficient to have all the shutters closed. Or you can configure them to automatically open when a smoke detector senses smoke in the house.

Tips to efficiently operate roller shutters in your smart home

  • Security and safety first.

While making the various configurations, always make sure they don’t leave room for any security vulnerabilities. For instance, you can set certain configurations like opening and closing based on temperature to only happen during the day and not at night.

  • Make sure installations are done appropriately.

The way your shutters are installed will affect how well they can be configured during operation. I would recommend only using technicians that have a good understanding of how smart home systems work and not just the roller shutters.

  • Planned maintenance should be done on time.

After installation, you need to request your technician to give you the recommended schedule for the planned maintenance of your shutters. Automated roller shutters need to be regularly cleaned and lubricated to avoid any negative occurrences as a result of dirt and lack of lubrication.

Final thoughts on Roller Shutters

When you integrate your automated roller shutters parts into your smart home system, lots of things become possible, just like we have seen above. The configurations that have to be made will depend on what the particular shutters you have were designed to do. If for instance, they weren’t designed with a temperature sensor, you won’t be able to close and open them based on temperature.

While buying your automated roller shutters, you will need to first confirm whether they are compatible with the smart home system you already have because not all roller shutters are compatible with every smart home system. The price of the shutter may also vary based on the number of configurations the shutter is capable of handling. With all factors constant, the more the possible configurations, the higher the price will be.


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