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Essential Tips for Buying the Best Window Roller Shutters in Melbourne

Aus Window Roller Shutters

Essential Tips for Buying the Best Window Roller Shutters in Melbourne

While building our homes, security is always one of the items that is given priority. And you can’t talk security without talking about doors and windows. Most of the doors and windows used in the current build style are mainly made out of glass for most of their surface area. The fact that glass is easy to break makes our homes vulnerable especially if one lives in a high-risk area. This is the reason why many people have resorted to installing the best window roller shutters to offer an extra layer of security. A roller shutter is basically a type of shutter that is rolled over to the upper side of the door/window while opening and rolled down while closing. Most of the roller shutters are made out of either steel or Aluminum. 

There are different types and designs of steel roller shutters in the market today and at times choosing the right one for you could be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re not technical. In this article, I am going to share with you what you need to look for before buying the next roller shutter for your windows so that you avoid buying one that doesn’t suit your needs. 

Here is what you should consider before buying the next roller shutters for your windows

  1. Aluminium vs Steel

The most used materials to make window roller shutters are aluminium and steel. There are also some good quality window roller shutters that are made out of wood but these have a weakness of being easily affected by insects and rain. If you have to choose between aluminium and steel, the best overall choice is Aluminum. 

Aluminium has a higher strength to weight ratio which makes its shutters easy to open and close due to their lightness. Aluminium is also less affected by water than steel. Steel can be an option if you can’t afford aluminium. But if you can afford it, go for aluminium. 

  1. Mind the quality of the material for your Roller Shutters

Yes, you may choose aluminium but remember not every seller is selling good quality aluminium. If you can’t differentiate between the good and the bad quality, then it is advisable that you go along with an expert to help you out. The fact that aluminium is one of the most in-demand materials worldwide, many people have taken its market advantage to make low-quality aluminium that is mainly composed of other materials with a small percentage of aluminium. 

  1. Have a blend of both security and style 

The primary role of roller shutters is to offer extra security. But besides being secure, your house needs to look beautiful as well. So, as you choose the window roller shutters, make sure you get a design and color that blends well with the rest of your house design. However, you should not be tempted to prioritize beauty and the expense of security. 

  1. Consider Your Roller Shutter Maintenance 

While buying these roller shutters, you need to consider the cost of maintenance. The shutters you choose to buy should have parts that are easily replaceable to avoid wasting a lot of resources in times of failure. Some of the most vulnerable parts that need your attention are the hinges. Makes sure the hinges of the shutters you buy can easily be got within your community.  Choosing aluminum shutter also eliminates the costs of routine painting that you would incur if you had chosen to buy wooden or steel roller shutters. 

  1. Assess their soundproofing capacity

Another use of roller shutters is to reduce the noise that comes from outside the house, especially at night. Getting shutters with a higher soundproofing level is what you should aim at in order to sort out two issues (security and noise) at ago. You may pay a bit extra for such shutters but the peace you will get from a noise-free house is worth the price. While installing soundproof shutters, make sure you use an experienced technician to avoid having some margins of space left that could turn into an escape route for noise into the house.

  1. Manual vs Automatic Roller Shutters

Because of technological advancements, some shutter windows are now automated to open and close without any human effort involved.  Opening and closing of such shutters is aided by a remote or any other form of sensor that can interact with the motors of the shutters to open and close them. However, the challenge is more on roller shutter prices and higher maintenance costs. Manual shutters are what I would recommend avoiding such cost of roller shutters.

  1. Don’t forget to get the right sizes

To avoid incurring extra costs of having to reduce the size of the shutters or in the worst-case scenario getting shutters that are smaller than the window frames, make sure you clearly know the dimensions of your windows before buying these shutters. The safest way to go about this is by getting a technician to help you measure the exact dimensions of the windows. Or maybe use the blueprint of your house plan to make sure you get roller shutters of the right size. We can provide quotations based on your house plan, simply use our 12-hour quote tool to upload your site plans and we will do the rest

  1. Mind the insulation 

Before buying roller shutters, make sure you assess the weather conditions of your area. If you stay in an area with very cold weather, ensure you buy shutters that are well insulated against the transfer of heat in and out of the house. It will cost you more at first but at the end of the day, you will get the right temperatures in the house without incurring more heating and cooling costs. 

Final thoughts 

Roller shutters are becoming a new normal, especially in areas that need an extra layer of security on their windows. Amongst all the factors I have mentioned above, the most important one that should come above all is security. A roller shutter is primarily meant to make your home more secure from any threats. So, make sure you don’t prioritise any other factor at the expense of security. To avoid choosing something you will regret in the long run, you may need to invite a technician to help you out in making the right choice. 

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