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Electric Roller Shutters- The 2022 upgrade you didn’t know you need!

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Electric Roller Shutters- The 2022 upgrade you didn’t know you need!

If you choose to install rollers shutters on your brand-new home or one that you are renovating, one of the decisions you will have to make is the closing mechanism of the roller shutters to install. There are essentially two major mechanisms; manual and electric.

When you look at both alternatives, electric roller shutters are a better alternative for several reasons. In this article, we shall discuss three main reasons we recommend electric roller shutters over manual ones.

  1. Increased home safety

Electric roller shutters open and close using electric motors attached to the rollers. So, closing and opening are only possible when you have access to the electric switch or remote that controls the motors. So, anyone who wants to open these shutters needs to have access to the switch or remote, which are often inside the house.

  1. Keeping the home temperature stable

70% of the heat getting into or out of your home goes through your doors or windows. If you have shutters that can be automated or operated using a remote control, closing and opening are pretty easy. These roller shutters can also be integrated into your smart home systems in order to automate closing and opening based on the internal temperature condition.

All in all, having electric shutters will make it easier to regulate your home’s temperatures than manual ones. Yes, you may have to pay more money for them, but the convenience and comfort they bring to you and your home is worth the extra cost.

  1. Saving on energy

Heating and air conditioning are some of the major consumers of energy. With the use of roller shutters, the heat that would normally get out and protecting the home from the cold coming in over Winter months, or, over Summer, the cold out of your house and the getting in is assisted in its temperature regulation by having an extra layer of an insulative material covering the major exposed areas – roller shutters. This, in the end, leads to reduced reliability on electric heating and cooling and thus, energy, of the home to regulate temperatures. Saving you cash on your bills. So the cost difference in savings on energy bills alone will be the return on investment over time and time and time over!

Bottom line

Yes, electric roller shutters might be slightly more expensive than manual ones, but if you consider other factors like temperature regulation, energy bills, and safety, this extra cost is worth it. So, if you are planning to install roller shutters, we recommend going electric, thanks to the many advantages you will get over manual roller shutters.

Beyond this, we are the go-to experts with heart that are here to install them for you. With all of our 5-star Google Reviews and our extreme savings when you compare our quotes with others, you will see for yourself the value we can bring to you, your home and your family or business.

Call our friendly and professional team today on 1800 xxx xxx and we would be honoured to assist you with this important home or business investment.

Kindest Regards,

Peter, Peer and the Aus Window Roller Shutters team.

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